Audio Tape Transfer

Audio Transfer Services

Seeing old movies and video of your loved ones is special. Hearing those beloved voices from the past is a treasure! If you have treasured memories on audio cassettes, old homemade vinyl records, quarter inch audio tape, or even early wire recordings from the 30's and 40's then we have good news!

We can transfer all of these formats to Gold Archival CDs and/or audio computer file format where they'll be kept safe and sound for years to come.

We've been transferring audio for a long time! When you bring yours in we guarantee your project will be handled with:

  • The best care - Your old audio formats are delicate. We know what they mean to you. We will treat them with kid gloves.

  • The best equipment - We make it our business to find and maintain the right equipment for the best job.

  • The best media - Our Gold Archival CDs are scratch-proof and rated to last 25+ years.

You've found the right place! Skylands Video Services has the experience, the technology and the concern to make the best audio transfers for you and your audio programs.