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Home Movie Transfers - Our network has state of the art equipment!


Don't let your family's treasured film memories literally fade away! Home movies have a short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can be lost forever. Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm films by transferring them to a more long-lasting DVD or any digital format.

Join the thousands of Home Video Studio Network customers worldwide who use our state-of-the-art film transfer department.

Our professionally trained film technicians personally handle reels and reels of home movies everyday. This film is color-corrected and run frame-by-frame through a computerized editing system before being transferred. Your original film is also returned to you.

Capturing America on film over the years - Highlights of over 30 Million Feet Transferred


You've run across old family home movie reels - perhaps in your attic, closet, or basement. Maybe you found them at your Mom and Dad's home. An aunt or uncle may have asked you to find a suitable place to get those movies transferred. Perhaps you shot them or maybe they were passed on to you. You may have never seen them or maybe it's been decades. All you know is that they're precious - a treasure waiting to be opened. We can help you open and enjoy your treasure – your treasured memories.

Skylands Video Service is here for you! We are apart of a network that has transferred over 30 million feet for over 30 years. We have the latest technology in the industry. With HD Digital Scanning equipment you can rest assured you are getting the best scan of your original film available.

Digital Video Archive - Get your Transfers on the Cloud


Digital Video Archive - New Offering from Home Video Studio Network. Want to see your memories on your smart phone, IPad, TV without needing a DVD. Skylands Video Services can make this happen. We will setup your own private website where you can view your videos, create chapters, titles and perform edits. You can easily share with family and friends any where on the planet.

50th Birthday Celebration


50th Birthday Celebration contains transferred slides, 8mm film, and video. Includes rolling scripts, family interviews and various special effects

Diane's Birthday


A Photo Keepsake throughout the years with our transfers.

Tribute to David Gibson


Tribute shown at memorial service for David Gibson who lost his battle with cancer on August 17, 2014

Image Transfer - Shorts Series 2


Image Transfer - Shorts Series 1


Film/Video Transfer Example


High School Graduation Keepsake


50th Wedding Anniversary


A Birthday Celebration


Happy 50th Steve

United Methodist Church of Wayne- Memories – Part 1


Longwood Gardens - August 2014


Beautiful day and prime time to visit.