Sports Highlight Video Services

Do your kids or grandkids belong to a youth sports league? Do you have videos of them playing baseball, football, or hockey? Do you have video of your bowling league or your favorite golf foursome?

A Sports Highlights Video lets us, or our loved ones, relive personal "great sports moments" in the fun way that video allows us to do. Remember sinking that birdie on six? Your daughter's sneaking a shot past the goalie? A diving catch on the turf? With a Sports Highlights Video we can use your photos, film and/or video tape to create a unique video with action, motion, special effects, and music that bring those great moments to life again.

Then we can edit using highlights, isolation, quick cuts, slow motion, music, narration...the possibilities are limitless. In the end you'll have your own production that will make you think you're watching SportsCenter!

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