Sports Scholarship Video Services

Is your child an exceptional athlete? Do you have the pictures to prove it? Sports Scholarship videos are one of our specialties!

In athletics you need an edge over the competition. Here's an edge! We can turn your child's sports highlights into a slick, professional Sports Scholarship video. Coaches and athletic directors will take notice when you send them this video showing your student athlete in motion. We know what scholarship decision makers are looking for in a video! Gather all those video tapes from the past few years and bring them to us. We will produce a 5 to 15 minute highlight video combined with stats and other pertinent information designed to create interest and excitement about your athlete from the coaches and athletic directors.

Sports Scholarship Video FAQ's

Q) What do you put the finished video on?

A) We can keep it in any format you'd like. Most coaches are using DVDs these days.

Q) How long should it be?

A) Everyone's time is at a premium. That's why it's a good idea to let us help you because we know what coaches are looking for. Generally, ten minutes will be plenty of time.

Q) How much will our SSV cost?

A) If you are well prepared we can complete your project in three to six hours. Please call for a consultation to help you prepare.

Q) Do we have to be there for our edit session?

A) Not Necessarily. Many of our clients are able to give us detailed directions so we can edit their video on our own.

Q) What makes an effective sports video?

A) One that communicates to a coach exactly what needs to be seen. Call us today for an appointment.

 We Are Always Ready To Help!