PhotoVideo Keepsake™ Services

Need a unique idea for any occasion? A PhotoVideo Keepsake™ combines your photos and/or slides along with your choice of music to create a video honoring a special person. These can run from fifty photos or even fewer to as many as three hundred or more. You can also add video clips if you wish. We usually add beginning and ending titles to the production, as well as some simple transitions between the photos. Then we put it all on a DVD or a video file for easy viewing.

PhotoVideo Keepsakes™ are:

Personal - Keepsakes are the perfect way to put anyone in the spotlight. What is more personal than great, meaningful photos complemented by inspiring music? Each Keepsake is a unique story - a custom testimony to the subject.
Powerful - What better way to portray a message of "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it all over again" or "I'm glad you exist in the world" than with the power of image and sound?
Portable - PhotoVideo Keepsakes™ are viewable anywhere you can watch a DVD or video. Homes, offices, auditoriums, fellowship halls. Another reason why they are the perfect way to honor anyone, anytime and anywhere.
Practical - Keepsakes make great gifts, not just for the subject, but for all your loved ones. Easily duplicated. Easily labeled.
Here's how to get started today!

This may be the hardest part because you have so many photo memories. Try to zero in on the photos that best tell the story you want to portray.

Once you have them together decide how you will order them. Many times chronological order works the best. Sometimes grouping by subject (sports, vacations, jobs) is best. This is a good time to think of music and titles as well.

Number them
Use stickers or pencil on the back of your photos to number them. (Don't use pen or marker) and number your photos. Now just bring them in and we'll do the rest! Once we know exactly what you want we will begin scanning your photos and assembling your masterpiece. And remember, it's not done until you come to a final private screening view it and give your final approval.

 We Are Always Ready To Help!